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Truly Make Your User’s Lives Easier With This Delphi Android App


Delphi developers are behind a surprising amount of industries. With their desktop and mobile applications quietly working away providing solid, reliable and useful tools to assist and enhance their user’s daily social and working lives our developer community are in on the big secret: RAD Studio Delphi gets your apps going from great idea to reality and into the hands of customers quickly. Also, with the full power of RAD Studio’s rapid application development, the minimum of effort produces maximum results.

Once out there on your user’s devices your apps keep on solidly running allowing you, as Apple’s Tim Cook would put it, to “surprise and delight your users“.

Via Express Delphi Android Mobile App - screenshot-2021-04-30-103406-2407006

Via Express makes user’s lives easier

Via Express is just such an example of a truly useful application, written well. It’s compact, light-weight and works on the iPhone and iPad where users user it to record the details of journeys and travel details for use in expense claims and financial reporting such as tax accounts.

The mobile app links with a web-based service from the same developer and between the two a comprehensive picture of you or you staffs’ travel can be recorded and a history built up over time.

What sort of information does the app help with?

Data like starting location, vehicle information such as type – car, motorbike and so on – destination, reason for travel as well as timings and distance covered.

Users don’t have to use the online service since the app can be used completely independently of it.

Anyone who has faced the nightmare of recording their travel details for either reimbursement by an employer or to accurately claim allowances on their tax paperwork will know that Via Express really does have the potential to improve its user’s lives and simplify the bureaucratic paperwork burden.

Developer Davor Pleskina has several apps in the Apple iTunes and Google Play Android store. Great work Davor!

Apple App Store

Via Express

Screenshot Gallery

Via Express Delphi Android Mobile App - 1
Via Express Delphi Android Mobile App - 2
Via Express Delphi Android Mobile App - 3
Via Express Delphi Android Mobile App - 4
Via Express Delphi Android Mobile App - 5
Via Express Delphi Android Mobile App - 6
Via Express Delphi Android Mobile App - hero image

Isn’t it time to turn your great idea into reality and become the next must-have app?

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