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Developer Stories: Luis Hernandez Shares About His VisualNEO Web Software

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Luis Hernandez has been developing on Delphi for two and a half years. He submitted a showcase entry (VisualNEO Web) for the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we wanted to know about his process with developing the software. His works can be found over at VisualNEO Web. luis hernandez 2195232

When did you start using RAD Studio Delphi and have long have you been using it?

Two and a half years ago the opportunity arose to continue with the development of NeoSoft’s software products, because its main developer, David Riley, left the project. For that reason I had to start programming in Delphi in order to continue with the development of NeoAppBuilder, then a beta and now called VisualNEO Web.

What was it like building software before you had RAD Studio Delphi?

Although I consider myself mainly a web developer, my previous programming tool for Windows was NeoBook (now called VisualNEO Win). It is an extremely simple but very powerful tool, although not as much as Delphi of course.

How did RAD Studio/Delphi help you create your showcase application?

Delphi is a very powerful programming tool, which allows to make almost any software project a reality. Thanks to its easy-to-understand structure and syntax, it has allowed me to take on a complex project without being an expert.

What made RAD Studio/Delphi stand out from other options?

In my case, I had no choice. When I took over the VisualNEO Web project it was still a beta but in a very advanced state of development. I found it such an interesting opportunity that I decided to learn Delphi, which I am still doing today. If VisualNEO Web had been programmed in another programming language, it might not have been possible for me.

What made you happiest about working with RAD Studio Delphi?

What makes me happiest about working with Delphi is knowing that it is a platform where almost everything is possible.  It’s hardly possible to find something Delphi cannot do.

What have you been able to achieve through using RAD Studio Delphi to create your showcase application?

Thanks to this powerful tool, I have been able to push through a number of upgrades and new versions of VisualNEO Web. I keep alive a software that is indispensable in my work and that otherwise might have been abandoned. I have been able to grow an incredible community of users passionate about the VisualNEO project and meet people from all continents. I can say that my life has changed since I decided to learn Delphi to continue with the development of VisualNEO.

What are some future plans for your showcase application?

VisualNEO Web is based on web technologies and as such, has no limits. There are many fields yet to be explored and incorporated into NeoScript, VisualNEO’s simple programming language, to make web application programming easier and faster for everyone. I would also very much like to expand the compilation options to reach more platforms. Personally I would like to involve more programmers in its development since right now it is a personal project to which I cannot dedicate as much time as I would like. Thank you, Luis! Read about his showcase entry by clicking the link below.


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