Incredible Workflow Automation Mobile App For Loggers

This great Android and iOS workflow automation app allows company or third party loggers / loaders to logon to a corporate LIMS database and create loads while loading it to trucks in forest. How does this Delphi app help with workflow automation? According to the developer, “Load can be created by scanning a predefined trip ticket. Each load is then associated with GPS location and along…
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The Excellent Windows Ribbon Framework For Delphi

TheWindows Ribbon frameworkis a magnificent command presentation system that implements a fresh option to the layered menus, toolbars, and task panes of common Windows applications. This Delphi library allows Delphi developers to utilize the Windows Ribbon…

Use Real PNG Files In Your Delphi C++ Builder Applications

In VCL, of course, you can use Real PNG files with the TPngImage class. With TPngImage class, you can load and manipulate PNG graphics. But there is another option to use PNG image files with PNGComponents. PNGComponents is a set of components that allows you to easily include PNG files in your application. This is a source-only release of TurboPack PNGComponents. It includes design-time and…
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RAD Studio Guide For Managers Whitepaper

Stephen Ball is a Chartered IT Professional and Embarcadero MVP who has led development teams for over 15 years within the UK, Europe and beyond, working with a range of blue-chip companies. He originally spent six years at Embarcadero as Senior Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, Associate Product Manager for the award-winning InterBase, and Senior Product Marketing Manager. He then spent two years…
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