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The “Awesome Pascal” Package Contains Amazing Delphi, FreePascal And Other Pascal Frameworks, Libraries And Resources

Awesome Pascal and Delphi backrgound

Easily one the best combined lists of libraries and other resources.

Awesome Pascal is open-source and available on GitHub here: https://github.com/Fr0sT-Brutal/awesome-pascal

What sort of things are included on the Awesome Pascal List?

As the official read.me says “Note that only open-source projects are considered. Dead projects (not updated for 3 years or more) must be really awesome or unique to be included“. The list also allows readers to issue Pull requests for any cool or useful libraries and Delphi projects not already included.

There is a mirror for the list maintained by Anton Frost here: https://delphi.zeef.com/anton.frost

Below is a screen shot from “Lazy Delphi Builder” which is just one of the great projects on the list.


Almost everything on the list is a gem and they’re all specifically aimed at Delphi, Object Pascal and Pascal programmers.

 What sort of things are on the list?

The list contains general libraries, multimedia, game development, communications (including networking and lower level things like serial ports), GUI, database and a whole raft of non visual classes and utilities.

There are other libraries and utilities too including DUnit, DUnix and DelphiSpec for automated testing.


The image shows DelphiSpec running so you can a get a feel for what it does. In couple of words it is a library for running automated tests written in plain language.

Where can I read more?

It’s not possible to show all of the features of Awesome Pascal in one article, so if you want to check them out, please visit the link below to the github article: https://github.com/Fr0sT-Brutal/awesome-pascal

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