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Incredible Workflow Automation Mobile App For Loggers


This great Android and iOS workflow automation app allows company or third party loggers / loaders to logon to a corporate LIMS database and create loads while loading it to trucks in forest.

How does this Delphi app help with workflow automation?

According to the developer, “Load can be created by scanning a predefined trip ticket. Each load is then associated with GPS location and along with load information is sent to Central server using Data line or WiFi connection. Loader Loads can then be sent to receiving station which can be matched to received loads for full Chain of Custody.”

Using the app allows loaders and loggers to enter and manage details on their load slips without using a pen.  The company also says this “ensures truck loads are shipped and properly tracked“.  Delph’s cross-platform capabilities really help companies like 3Log with this kind of workflow automation and modernization.

What sort of workflow automation does “LoaderWiz” provide?

Here’s a brief extract from the company’s website.  LoaderWiz can:

  • Create loads and barcoded trip tickets in the woods even when there is no internet connectivity.  load data is stored in local database on device.
  • Synchronize bidirectionally with your corporate LIMS system when connectivity is available to conveniently download sources, trucks, trip tickets, and other key information needed.  You can then create loads and synchronize completed loads back to LIMS.
  • Prove chain of chain of custody using GPS stamp.
  • Print tickets with QR barcodes to portable Zebra printers and hand it to truck drivers.
  • Electronically transfer a ticket with barcode to a truck driver’s device (if driver is using WeighWiz Mobile) which can then be used to expedite weighing in and out at scale site without him/her leaving truck.
  • Lookup and review processed and delivered loads using a smartphone as well as run real-time reports.  Users can also manage trip tickets and scale data faster with less paperwork, more detail, and greater accuracy.


3LOG LoaderWiz

Google Play

3LOG LoaderWiz

Screenshot Gallery

LoaderWiz workflow automation

LoaderWiz workflow automation map view

LoaderWiz workflow automation trip ticket view

LoaderWiz workflow automation product view

LoaderWiz workflow automation new load view

LoaderWiz workflow automation general screen view

LoaderWiz workflow automation hero image

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