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The Excellent Windows Ribbon Framework For Delphi

windows ribbon framework for delphi

The Windows Ribbon framework is a magnificent command presentation system that implements a fresh option to the layered menus, toolbars, and task panes of common Windows applications.

This Delphi library allows Delphi developers to utilize the Windows Ribbon Framework in their Delphi applications. This library uses the native Windows Ribbon Framework library to implement the ribbon functionality. It does not emulate the Ribbon user interface as other Delphi component sets do and that’s a good thing.

Windows Ribbon Framework screenshot

Windows Ribbon Framework Features

This Delphi library is much more than a simple header translation. It has the following features:

  • Complete translation of the UI Ribbon header files. 
  • A class library that provides higher-level access to the Ribbon API. 
  • A control for dropping on any existing VCL form that automatically loads the ribbon and maps ribbon commands to equally named VCL Actions.
  • Delphi-versions of the UI Ribbon Samples from the Windows SDK. 
  • A feature-complete semi-visual Ribbon Designer. 
  • The Ribbon Designer comes with a WordPad template that lets you quickly create a Ribbon that looks virtually identical to the WordPad accessory that comes with earlier versions of Microsoft Windows.

Check out the Ribbon Framework for Delphi here!

Windows Ribbon Framework in use screenshot

Do you want to build your own Windows Ribbon Framework? Try the IDE Sofware, which will assist you in developing apps in the Delphi or C++ environments.

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