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Add STOMP to your apps for lightweight real-time streaming

STOMP is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol that allows for very lightweight communications between almost any mixture of programming languages, operating system platforms, and “message brokers”.  This article goes into detail about what STOMP is, why you would want to use it, some quick-start hints to get you up and running, and a fully working example of using STOMP in your IDE Software…
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Football Playview Is An Outstanding Mobile Delphi App

With Football Playview coaches and players can view animated plays, drills and practice plans on their phone or tablet. Football plays, drills and practice plans can be created with the companion desktop Football Playbook program from Jes-soft, which is free to try and available at The playbook program is compatible with Windows all recent versions of…
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Partner Collaboration to Drive Innovation (Interview with TMS Software)

About a month ago we published a short blog post about the importance of our partner ecosystem and interviewed DevExpress. Our partners not only build much needed functional capabilities for RAD Studio developers, but also deliver exciting innovation. One partner that is particularly active on the innovation front is TMS Software. They not only provide valuable suites of components for both…
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Quickly Convert Speech To Text With Powerful Google Artificial Intelligence APIs

What can the Google Audio Transcription API do for our applications? Google’s Audio Transcription API allows your program to use all the power of Google’s huge computing resources to accurately transcribe speech found in audio files into text. As Google’s documentation says: Transcribe your content in real time or from stored filesDeliver a better user experience in…
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