Low Code App Wizard for Delphi

Low code app development is increasingly popular today, and for good reason: it speaks to the demand for software paired with the difficulty of creating it. In many ways, Delphi led the low code revolution: RAD, where you build software by connecting components in a visual designer, is low code. The key with many low code solutions is extensibility: low code which cannot be extended to a…
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C++IDE :: The Future of the C++ STD Library, OpenMP, Repeated Software Patterns, Costs Of Void(), Encapsulation

Hello, fellow Dev-C++ and C++ Builder developers and educators. It’s been another packed week of learning at and we’ve covered a lot of great subjects! Topics this time include: How can we use OpenMP Parallel Programming Library? What is Encapsulation? How to use Repeated Software Patterns? What is the Cost of the Void function? How do we set up C++ Builder?
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Building Good with C++Builder Contest

Contest Introducing the Building Good with C++Builder Contest! A contest to show your achievements with C++Builder that benefit people, communities, and the world. We know many people use C++Builder to create software that does good: helps a nonprofit, assists scientific research, provides a tool to help with a daily task, and more. We’re running a contest to see the best software you’re…
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CodeDelphiRAD Studio

Powerful Advanced Scientific Computing - it's easy!

In this article, you’ll learn what scientific computing is, why we use python for scientific computing, and how to use python windows GUI builder with scientific computing libraries, the results, and many more. What is Scientific Computing? According to Golub and Ortega in 1992, Scientific Computing is the collection of tools, techniques, and theories required to solve mathematical models…
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