Mobile With Delphi: The Visually Stunning Wine Unit

Your mobile phone is not the first place to spring to mind when you think of wine. Mankind has had some sort of relationship with wine for centuries, possibly even thousands of years according to some reports. The oldest drinkable wine is known as The Speyer bottle which dates back to Roman times. Anyone who has seen ancient Roman and Greek mosaics will have noticed their apparent pre-occupation…
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Windows 11: A Beautiful Meteor Will Wipe Out The Dinosaurs

Windows 11 is coming. It’s a fact – and it’s the gorgeous visual tweaking of the Windows desktop, start menu, taskbar, and even the rendering of things like your application’s window borders and “non-client area”. It’s Microsoft’s new glorious shooting star launching itself at the unwary peoples of the world from out of the clouds… and it’s going to wipe out the dinosaurs.
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How Do I Add An Ultimate AI-Driven Chatbot To My App?

Chatbots are the unctuous umami flavoring to modern enterprise-grade apps. The AI in the chatbot is the secret sauce. What you need is the recipe. A chatbot adds that extra polish to your app if it’s appropriate to your user base and the app’s purpose. At the most fundamental level, the chatbot is simply a computer program that simulates human conversation and is used to engage with…
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Exploring ARM on the Desktop

In the next TCoffeeAndCode session at noon CDT on June 30th, we are taking a look at Delphi 10.4.2 on the new desktop Arm based Apple M1 CPU with both MacOS and Windows 10, with a little look at the recently announced Windows 11. I’ll be updating this post with more…
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Powerful Enterprise-Grade Real-Time Streaming For IoT

Did you know how easy it is with Windows App Development Tools like RAD Studio Delphi to add robust, enterprise-grade real-time streaming to and from IoT devices?  We’re going to show you how to get your apps to talk to IoT devices securely and in a robust fashion in just a few easy steps. IoT and Delphi – linking the “internet of things” IoT is very popular these…
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