High-Performance Integration For Humanitas

When your users are trying to access things like their health-plan information, the responsiveness of your apps can often be key. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a button in a mobile app and then waiting for what seems like a lifetime to get some sort of response. This is doubly important for healthcare apps like HumaSmart since your users are often attempting to obtain…
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Made In Delphi: An Astonishing Solar System Catalog

There is something quite wonderful about gazing up at the night sky. I recommend doing it often, although not while driving or operating heavy machinery (or light machinery, or sword juggling). When I was very young we were lucky enough to visit the London Planetarium. The incredible lightshow put on there was superbly explained by an expert astronomer and it lit in me an interest to this day…
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C++CodeRAD Studio :: How Do I Program Fun Games?

Hello Everyone, C++ Builder Developers, and Delphi Developers, Last week, we started to release the “Introduction to C++” series on our website; we will continue to release the basics of C++ in the next few weeks.   If you are a beginner, new to C++, or if you are a Delphi developer and want to learn or remember the basics of C++, these posts are good to improve…
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C++Code :: Give Me Your Inheritance!

Hello C++ Developers,. It’s another milestone at, we started to add posts about the basics of Artificial Intelligence Technologies. Last week had a lot of great subjects again! This week here we answer these questions, What is Inheritance in…

Can This Powerful Secret Boost Your Business Bottom Line?

As a software development company owner, you always look for ways to increase revenue. With a healthy bottom line, you can create an emergency fund to help your business survive during tough situations. Also, it can help you to expand your business. However, there is a secret to boosting the bottom line that you must know about. In this post, you will find all the details and how an ide software…
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