[Webinar] Getting to Know PyScripter: Your Native Python IDE

Presenters: Jim McKeeth, Kyle Wheeler, Kiriakos Vlahos Join Mister PyScripter himself, Kiriakos Vlahos, along with Embarcadero General Manager Kyle Wheeler, and developer advocate Jim McKeeth for this exciting and informative webinar. Start with the basics of working with PyScripter, discover the new features introduced in version 4, learn some tricks to skyrocket your productivity, and see why…
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From Bindings List to Visual LiveBindings

Having looked into Delphi’s expression engine, component bindings, and the bindings list component, we can now look at the easy and intuitive way to configure an application with dynamic bindings, the Visual LiveBindings design surface. Over the past few weeks, I…
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TCoffeeAndCode: Data Visualization – Components, Libraries, Tools and Services

This blog post contains information, tools and links that I will discuss and demo during today’s TCoffeeAndCode webinar on Data Visualization. David I’s DataViz sample code zip file (576kb) What Inspired My Data Vizualization Journey – The Joy of Stats / GapMinder “Our mission is to fight devastating ignorance with a fact-based worldview everyone can understand.” Founded in Stockholm…
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Ultimate Hockey Playview Application Is Delphi Powered

Hockey is an immensely popular sport in North America, both in the USA and with Canada their Northern neighbors. Just to be clear for our British and European readers, in this article we are referring to the form of hockey played on ice-rinks, not the version played on grass. What does the Hockey Playview app do? With Hockey Playview coaches and players can view animated plays, drills and…
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C++Code :: Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Hello Developers! Last time, we started with our introduction to adding Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to your applications at, and, once again, we’ve lots of new posts. In this set of articles, we will try to explain what A.I. is and how we can use it to add power to our own applications. This is also a good introduction to Artificial Intelligence Technologies for…
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