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This Native High-Accuracy Walking Profiler Can Measure Reality


Whenever we try to represent The Earth we tend to use globes. The planet we live on is spherical, right? A flat stretch of sidewalk is… flat, isn’t it? Well, no, actually, it’s very far from flat. If you get down to the nitty gritty (literally, gritty) ground level it is, in fact, a rolling landscape of microscopic hills and mountains with sweeping gullies. The Walking Profiler from ARRB Systems is a specialized device which measures those tiny ups and downs and captures that information.

Flexibility and high-performance in the palm of your hand

The app which performs this high-performance and super-accurate integration of micro reality with the digital world is written with RAD Studio Delphi and the cross-platform FireMonkey framework.

This High-Accuracy Walking Profiler Measures Reality - ARRB Systems Website
ARRB Systems Website

The Walking Profiler G3 is the third generation Walking Profiler since its initial inception, and continues to be the ‘gold standard’ unit for high accuracy pavement reference profiling. As stated by the developer, “Differing from the previous generations, the unit utilises a tri-axial accelerometer mounted on a rolling platform to enable measurement of longitudinal profile. This platform is separate to the carriage, which means it is less susceptible to operator input ie. lean and change of angle.”

This High-Accuracy Walking Profiler Measures Reality - Walking Profiler G3
Walking Profiler in action. Source: ARRB Systems Website


Walking Profiler G3 – ARRB Systems

Google Play

Walking Profiler

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