Visualize Our Astounding Planet's Journey Around The Sun

No matter how big, successful or important we may, or may not, become in our lives we are all just tiny ants in a vast Cosmos. It’s humbling and useful to remember when you’re having a bad Monday or a terrific Tuesday that we’re each just one of 7.5 billion people hurtling around the Sun. That circuit of the Sun, of course, has fascinated humankind for thousands of years…
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[Webinar] InterBase Databases

Presenter(s): Stephen Ball, Embarcadero Pre-sales Director Lots of people are going with Microsoft SQL Server for their projects, but this can easily be an expensive solution. Have you considered building your next application around InterBase? Join this webinar to learn…
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Perform Ultra-Fast Time Series Analysis To Empower Your Apps

Analyzing time series can be a heavy burden for your apps. The calculations involved can vary from reasonably simple to mind-numbingly complex, and doing it the wrong way can bring even a desktop machine to its knees. We’re going to show you five different ways to perform high-performance analysis on a time series to truly add enterprise-grade power to your apps using the python windows GUI…
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The Future of Startups Demands Massive Productivity

Productivity means getting as much done as possible in a given amount of time. Startups place a high value on this. You don’t want your software developers to be involved in time-consuming design and coding in order to complete the task. To secure the future of your startup, your team requires a massive productivity boost from IDE software. But how can you improve it? You can find all of the…
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