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Powerful Business Management iOS & Android App


Wood and timber have been a flourishing industry for thousands of years. Some of the oldest traces of early mankind include evidence that we were using wood to make our lives easier; as tables, for leverage on the slabs of Stonehenge, bridge pillars in ancient muddy causeways. Even arrows to help us obtain meat and food bowls in which to prepare and consume it. The dragon-headed Viking longships and the more curlicue Mayflower, which braved towering seas, the vast beams of old English Tudor houses, and even the great William Shakespeare’s original Globe theater were all made from this versatile material which, quite literally, grows on trees. It’s a relationship that has stood the test of time with very little change while the world around it began to buzz with the sound of electricity and engines.

Powerful Business Management iOS Android App a forest of trees

In this dominion of wood and its products, there is room for some modernity. The business of wood, like any, has bills to pay and inventory to manage, and what better way to do that down in the wilds of a lumber yard than to have a handheld mobile device that can go where more clunky desktops and laptops might be a hindrance rather than a help.

In this post, we’ll discuss Android and iOS apps that can help your business management become more powerful! You can accomplish this by using a cross-platform app builder. Continue to read on and learn what FireMonkey FMX Framework can do when integrated with RAD Studio Delphi.

3LOG LIMS integrates the LIMS System into easy, powerful mobile access

LIMS is powerful business management software for the timber and wood products industries. As stated by the developer, “It combines the features of a log or timber accounting system with support for silviculture, wood procurement, contractor payables, vendor and contract management, log and wood products inventory, sales and consumption, business planning, querying, reporting, and accounting. LIMS has proven its capabilities at over 500 sites in North America. Companies from single mills to big names in the forestry industry are using 3LOG software every day.

With LIMS, you can configure the system to work the way your company works, and then easily add new business activities without additional programming. For example, if you decide to start trading logs or fiber from a mill that previously only consumed wood, you simply add the customer and your contract and accounting rules and start entering transactions. The features are already in the system, without additional programming.”

Of course, it’s written using RAD Studio Delphi with the flexible yet powerful FireMonkey FMX framework.

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