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Mobile With Delphi: The Visually Stunning Wine Unit


Your mobile phone is not the first place to spring to mind when you think of wine. Mankind has had some sort of relationship with wine for centuries, possibly even thousands of years according to some reports. The oldest drinkable wine is known as The Speyer bottle which dates back to Roman times. Anyone who has seen ancient Roman and Greek mosaics will have noticed their apparent pre-occupation with quaffing wines. Our fascination with this liquid entertainment crosses whole continents and cultures, touching almost every form of society and diversity. Our need to protectively contain the fragile and delicate flavors has given rise to a whole host of different containers ranging from the amphorae beloved of the ancients and Bacchus to the barrels of medieval to late industrial times through the bottles and cases which line the shelves of our modern grocery aisles.

Ancient wine, modern mobile app

These containers had, and have, such a diversity of sizes, shapes, materials and volumes the vintners felt compelled to give them names in order to differentiate them from one another. The names are such an eclectic mix that they often are almost un-guessable as to how much of the boozy liquid they can hold. Is a Jeroboam bigger than a Rehoboam? How many glasses can you get out of a Jennie? (Spoiler alert: it’s three)

Wine Unit, helping us know the Balthazars from the Nebuchadnezzars

The beautiful Wine Unit, from Belgian developer MICRI Consult, exists to immerse us into this world of wine to your modern mobile device and assist us in selecting and understanding the containers which protect the precious liquid to ensure the full flavor of a far-flung Terroir drifts unharmed on that fulsome bouquet.

Written using RAD Studio Delphi the app contains four groups of wine containers: bottles, unusual bottle sizes, barrels and containers. Within each group, the bottles, barrels or containers are compared against each other and you also get their volume in different units. Using the robust cross-platform FireMonkey FMX framework to harness the reins of the mobile device it frees up MICRI Consult to focus on making the app functional and yet beautiful to look at.

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Wine Units

Screenshot Gallery

Wine Unit screen 1
Wine Unit screen 2
Wine Unit screen 3
Wine Unit screen 4
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Wine Unit screen 6
Made With Delphi The Visually Stunning Wine Unit in action
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