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How To Become The Ultimate World Anagram Champion!


Do you harbor a secret inner desire to be the next Professor Robert Langdon zooming around exotic tourist destinations and the world’s most beautiful landmark cities solving anagrams and saving The World from ancient secret societies? If so, you’d need to enjoy unscrambling fiendishly difficult word tangles to reveal their original form. It’s not easy, but anagrams have existed as pastimes and diversions for as long as society has been able to read and write so we humans must enjoy the challenge.

An Android Anagram solver, written in Delphi

Don’t worry, luckily your burgeoning aspirations at becoming world anagram champ have a little help from Arizona-based developer ASW Software. Lead by Anthony West, ASW have produced a beautiful Android app which rapidly helps you solve anagrams without having to go to the trouble of obtaining a Professorship in Linguistics. Floccipender is an optimized word descrambler with a simple interface which allows for super-quick solving of scrambled text. Written in RAD Studio Delphi using the powerful cross-platform FireMonkey FMX framework the app looks great and, thanks to the native code generation of RAD Studio, works at the full speed of the user’s mobile device.

More on Floccipender

Floccipender can solve single word anagrams, scrambled word games and newspaper quiz page anagrams.

Here’s what ASW have to say about Floccipender: “the features include the ability to force the app to use all of the letters that are scrambled, or you can specify the minimum word length and Floccipender will find all words that can be created from the scrambled text. The results of the descrambled text is provided in less than a second as Floccipender has been optimized to unscramble words in just a matter of seconds“.

Less than a second…on a mobile device. That’s pretty impressive!



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