Powerful Real-Time Virtual Classroom Platform-As-A-Service Is Built In Delphi

Lumicademy is a platform-as-a-service for providing a real-time, virtual classroom experience that customers can add to their existing product or service and it is written in Delphi using Firemonkey. According to the developers if you need to add live video conferencing or desktop/document sharing to your existing application or service, then they provide the APIs and the native app experience.
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New Years Resolution: Learn. Teach. Repeat.

The title of this blog post may combine two somewhat overly familiar ideas, but it’s highly appropriate for the goals we have set. Learning and teaching Delphi is paramount for our success, and we plan to keep doing more of it in the New Year. Delphi education helps…
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Easily Customize The Syntax Editor Coloring In Delphi With The Third Party Delphi IDE Theme Editor

The Delphi IDE Theme Editor lets you customize the syntax highlighting editor within the Delphi IDE. Additionally, full source code is available for it as well. Delphi has this functionality built in but if you want more custom settings to get in there and really tweak the editor to be just how you like it take a look. Set and edit IDE color settings from scratch or import existing themes from…
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Vulkan-Based Game Engine For Object Pascal

Vulkan header generator and Vulkan OOP-style API wrapper for Object Pascal (FreePascal >= 3.1.1 FPC SVN revision 33196 and Delphi >= 2009) The Vulkan.pas binding header unit itself (including the vkxml2pas.dpr converter) is and stays also compatible with the old Delphi 7 version, but the PasVulkan.*.pas framework units are no more Delphi 7 compatible because they are using new Object…
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Learn How to Apply Robust Native Controls In FireMonkey With Delphi And C++

The NativeControls sample shows the use of the Native Controls of FireMonkey. To this end it uses several components that are configured with its ControlType property set to Platform in order to have the native styling of that control. Note: Only iOS and Windows support native controls. The following links provide a list of controls that support native presentation on iOS and Windows…
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