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Vulkan-Based Game Engine For Object Pascal

vulkan based game engine for object pascal

Vulkan header generator and Vulkan OOP-style API wrapper for Object Pascal (FreePascal >= 3.1.1 FPC SVN revision 33196 and Delphi >= 2009)

The Vulkan.pas binding header unit itself (including the vkxml2pas.dpr converter) is and stays also compatible with the old Delphi 7 version, but the PasVulkan.*.pas framework units are no more Delphi 7 compatible because they are using new Object Pascal syntax features, as such as generics, operator overloading, advanced records and so on, which for these the old Delphi 7 compiler version have no support for.

vulkan object pascal 9604695


  • C-API-style Vulkan header (Vulkan.pas which is generated by vkxml2pas.dpr)
    • It’s always up-to-date since it’s auto-generated through the vkxml2pas.dpr
  • Supported platforms:
    • Windows (x86-32, x86-64)
    • Android (x86-32, x86-64, ARM32, ARM64/AArch64)
  • Linux (x86-32, x86-64, ARM)
    • X11
    • Wayland
  • MoltenVK wrapper (untested)
    • iOS
    • macOS
  • OOP-based Vulkan Framework (PasVulkan.Framework.pas)
    • Object oriented Vulkan API abstraction
  • And more things…

Check out the pasvulkan with these amazing action demos!

Be sure to head over and check out the pasvulkan!

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