Manage Your Collection Of Pages Easily With TCardPanel Component For Your Delphi VCL Application

We know TPanel Control has methods to help manage the placement of child controls embedded in the panel. You can also use panels to group controls together, similar to the way you can use a group box. How about having a collection of cards or pages which help to manage the child controls and display only one of them at a time similar to a TabControl? Yes, Delphi provides an excellent VCL…
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Lovingly Crafted Software To Plan And Simulate Virtual Model Railroads Is Built In Delphi

The 3D Train Studio is an easy-to-use application for planning your perfect model railway and it is built in Delphi. With 3D Train Studio, users can construct their own unique, detailed layouts on their PCs with thousands of tracks to choose from. They can create landscapes consisting of mountains and valleys, place houses and trees along streets and roads and construct their own miniature…
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Powerful Cross Platform TeeGrid Is Capable Of Handling A Large Number Of Cells In Delphi FireMonkey

TeeGrid is a full featured third party grid and tabular control for Delphi and C++. Supporting both VCL and FireMonkey it should run on Windows 32 and 64 bit, Mac OSX, Android and iOS. According to the developer it is “Written from scratch (not derived from TCustomGrid or TGrid), aprox 10K lines of code and 100K compiled size. Free for non-commercial use (in binary format).” It…
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