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Combine Front End, Back End, And Business Logic In Modern Full-Stack Development With Delphi

Many application developers are building a web version of their services to get more users. For instance, you do not always have the same phone or same laptop to utilize the application, if the application has a web version everything is done. 

In this webinar, you can see what is new with TMS Software and how you can use their full range of components to modernize your Windows 10 application and building web apps with Delphi. 

New challenges today:

  • Development for multiple platforms
  • Desktop Client Applications need to interact with servers.
  • Less RAD, more OOP

Loosely-coupled Software Building Blocks

  • Front-End – TMS VCL, FMX, FNC UI Pack & TMS Web Core
  • Business Logic – TMS Aurelius, FlexCel, ANalytics, and more
  • Back-End – TMS RemoteDB, Sparkle, XData

If you are interested in building backend services with Delphi and TMS, you can utilize TMS XData to write custom services. TMS XData has several major features which you should know:

  • Can be autogenerated from an existing database
  • Open for any desktop, web, or mobile app
  • Standardized REST protocol using JSON for data transport
  • Fully documented REST API with SwaggerUI

Be sure to watch the session Q&A learn more about the specific information.

Head over and check out all of the different components available from TMS Software!

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