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Powerful Cross Platform TeeGrid Is Capable Of Handling A Large Number Of Cells In Delphi FireMonkey

TeeGrid is a full featured third party grid and tabular control for Delphi and C++. Supporting both VCL and FireMonkey it should run on Windows 32 and 64 bit, Mac OSX, Android and iOS.

According to the developer it is “Written from scratch (not derived from TCustomGrid or TGrid), aprox 10K lines of code and 100K compiled size. Free for non-commercial use (in binary format).”

It claims the only limit is the memory used by your own data, (compile for the 64bit platform for more than 2GB/3GB).

  • Virtual data mode

Additionally it says that you can use it’s TVirtualModeData class to automatically create columns and provide cell values using OnGet and OnSet events.

  • TStringGrid emulation

TeeGrid can be used like a TStringGrid using a TStringsData object:

  • Sub-columns (any column can have children columns)
  • Per-column formatting (font, back fill, stroke, text alignment, margins)
  • Per-cell custom paint using the column OnPaint event
teegrid custom cell paint 2
  • Lock columns to left or right grid edges
teegrid locked columns 2

To see the rest of the cells options, go to the next link and download the package:


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