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Blazing Fast Windows Deployment With The InstallAware Enterprise-Grade Windows Installer

First and only installer with full-stack ARM64 support, including triple-hybrid installers with X86, AMD64-EM64T, and ARM64 targeting from a single setup package. Also, the first installer with Next-Generation MSIX Package Builder. InstallAware is based on Windows Installer technology. Every setup you create in InstallAware, no matter how you script it, is converted into a valid Windows…
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Custom Audio And Video Recording Library On Android From WINSOFT For Delphi

Overview To make their jobs easier, all photo and video editing applications make use of media libraries. This article is about the WINSOFT Media Recorder component for Android. This Media Recorder component for Android makes use of the Android MediaRecorder API to record audio and video. The Android MediaRecorder API supports capturing and encoding a wide range of popular audio and video…
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