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Blazing Fast Windows Deployment With The InstallAware Enterprise-Grade Windows Installer


First and only installer with full-stack ARM64 support, including triple-hybrid installers with X86, AMD64-EM64T, and ARM64 targeting from a single setup package. Also, the first installer with Next-Generation MSIX Package Builder.


InstallAware is based on Windows Installer technology. Every setup you create in InstallAware, no matter how you script it, is converted into a valid Windows Installer database. The databases created by InstallAware all pass ICE tests with no extra effort on your part. What does this mean?

This helps your application earn the coveted Designed for Windows logo direct from Microsoft – one of the logo requirements is that you use Windows Installer for your application’s installation, and InstallAware already takes care of that for you! No matter how simple or complex your setup – it will always pass ICE validations. InstallAware provides full, out-of-the-box support for all Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 requirements as well – all at no extra effort or cost to you. These requirements include code signing with SHA 256 support, which is built-in to InstallAware.

You can download and install a trial version of the InstallAware from GetIt Package Manager


Head over and check out more info about InstallAware in Embarcadero GetIt and then install it via the IDE.

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