9 Insightful Books For Mastering Delphi On Sale For $5 Each

Packt is a publisher of programming books and video courses and there are quite a few Delphi books published through their platform. They are running a sale right now where you can get each e-book (and video course) for $5 each. There are at least 9 books (most of them pretty recent) related to Delphi for sale through their platform including just published books like “Delphi GUI Programming…
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Easily Print From Android Devices Using Winsoft's Powerful Android Printing Library For Delphi

In this post, you’ll learn how to print documents from Android devices using Winsoft, a powerful Android printing library that supports Delphi, and how to do so using Windows Application Development. Introduction Printing Library is a useful library for establishing a printer connection between an Android device and a local / server printer. The Library uses Android Print and…
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