Easily Manipulate Text With The FlashText Python Library In A Delphi Windows App

We know how to search or replace text in our Delphi/C++ Builder using Regular Expressions. Similarly, Python’s standard library and some other low-level modules help to search or replace text using Regular Expressions. However, to perform the search or replace keywords in documents at scale from within Python, the performance of python standard library regular expressions is not fast enough. To…
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December Apple Platforms Updated Patch for RAD Studio 10.4.1

(See update below) A few weeks ago, we released an “Apple platforms patch” focused on improving our support for the latest versions of macOS and iOS. While the patch solves issues with Apple SDKs import and with debugging on devices, there were still some problems with binding specific libraries (like the ClientDataSet one) and for C++ iOS development. We have now released an updated…
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