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Turbo Charge Your Delphi Windows App Development With The TurboPack Essentials VCL Controls

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TurboPack Essentials offers 13 different easy-to-use VCL controls to use in your Delphi and C++ Builder Windows Applications. It’s fast and easy to install using the GetIt Package Manager! You can find out more about TurboPack Essentials on the web.

Step 1. Open the GetIt Package Manager:

Get IT Package Manager

Step 2. Enter “Essentials” in the search box:

Enter'Essentials' in Search

Step 3. Press the install button, GetIT will install Essentials:

Install Essentials

3 TurboPack Recipes

In this post, you will see a demo application that showcases some of the different controls that TurboPack Essentials library offers. The first thing you see when you open the application is an “Examples” menu button and an empty background. The menu button leads to three other forms: Invoice Sample, Background, and About.


Recipe #1 – Invoicing Mini App

When you go into the Invoice Sample menu button, you can see the following components from the Essentials library: the Date edit and the Number edit. The date edit can be seen with the “Transaction Date” and “Encode Date” while the Number edit can be seen with the “Amount”. (This is

Essentials Invoices

[1] Date Component
[2] Number Component
The number edit is just like a normal edit but this one also has a drop down calculator with it. Result from calculator is automatically displayed in edit box.

Essentials Calendar

Recipe #2 – Settings Dialog

Essentials Gradient

Background Image

[1]  The color combo box allows you to choose different colors from the fixed list of colors. These colors are the same ones that are listed in the Color property of the component.
[2] The gradient can be used to show a gradient between two colors in either a vertical or a horizontal pattern. The gradient component has the properties FromColor and ToColor to select which colors the gradient would show. In the demo application, the colors selected in the color combo boxes would be assigned to the respective property.
[3] Tiled Bitmap
The tiled bitmap allows you to display a bitmap in a tile pattern so that it occupies the whole area of the control. In the demo application, if the chosen image is bigger than the width and height of the window, then it only shows the full image. However, if the chosen image is smaller, then the tiled bitmap shows the image multiple times in a tile pattern!

Recipes #3 – About

Essentials Image

Essentials Roll up

[1] The label component is just like a normal label but this one has a lot of options and settings for how its appearance would look. As mentioned before, the roll up button would show or hide the different settings. There are already plenty of pre-defined settings and styles but you can also customize your own settings to make it your own style!

[2] Scrolling Marquee
The scrolling marquee is just a label that has the ability to scroll. Just like the label, you can change the appearance of the marquee but you can also change how the marquee moves! In the demo application, the marquee just scrolls repeatedly going to the left. However, you can change other properties too like the speed, direction, and how the text moves.

[3] Roll-up
The roll-up allows you to essentially “roll-up” a form. This is really just changing the height of form but instead of you having to do the calculations, you just change the property RolledUp to automatically change the size!

The source-code is available at https://github.com/PolywickStudio/EssentialsRecipes

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