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December Apple Platforms Updated Patch for RAD Studio 10.4.1

decemberapplepatch only

(See update below)
A few weeks ago, we released an “Apple platforms patch” focused on improving our support for the latest versions of macOS and iOS. While the patch solves issues with Apple SDKs import and with debugging on devices, there were still some problems with binding specific libraries (like the ClientDataSet one) and for C++ iOS development.

We have now released an updated version of the same patch (via GetIt package manager and soon via the my.embarcadero.com download portal). We have also retired the older patch, as the new patch includes and supersedes the old one. If you have already installed the first patch, just install this new one over it. If not, all you need is to install the “December patch”. Notice that the Welcome page should notify you of the new patch and that when you open the GetIt package manager you should see both patches — that is because GetIt lists any package already installed on your system regardless of its availability, as this will be the only way to uninstall such a package. There is no need to uninstall the old patch, though.

decemberapplepatch full

Below there is a copy of the readme of the new patch, with more detailed information on the old and new issues addressed.

December Apple Platforms Patch for RAD Studio 10.4.1 Readme

This patch addresses a few issues related to RAD Studio 10.4.1 support for XCode 12, iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, which were not available when 10.4.1 shipped. We issued a similar patch in November. This new patch replaces that previous patch and offers further improvements in the same area. Installing this patch over the existing patch will replace all required files.

In the previous version of this patch (released in November 2020), we included:
* An RTL fix for an issue with exceptions, also causing issues at app termination, for macOS applications running on the recently released macOS 11.0 Big Sur. The corresponding public issue was logged on Quality Portal as RSP-30000. For this issue, the patch includes modified source code and compiled binary files.
* A new version of PAServer for macOS, and includes fixes for several issues:
* SDK import from Xcode 12
* Debugging applications on an iOS 14 device
* This includes Quality Portal reports such as RSP-30806, RSP-31014, RSP-31667 and RSP-31049.

This version of the patch includes the above fixes, but adds several new fixes:
* An issue compiling against the ClientDataSet component (RSP-31795)
* Several issues using C++ with the iOS14 SDK:
* Error ‘unknown type name __UINTPTR_TYPE__’ when building with iOS14
* Errors building with the iOS14 SDK, including ‘invalid node: this may result from using a map iterator as a sequence iterator, or vice-versa’ or a linker error (RSP-31014)
* Linker errors referring to DBX, such as ‘[ld Error] Error: “__ZdlPv”, referenced from: __ZN9DBXObjectD0Ev in DBXCommon.o’

Update (December 18th)

There was an error in the patch that was available yesterday, as it included an old version of PAServer. Now we are fixed the problem and if you are downloading today you’ll get the correct version. If you already downloaded the patch you uninstall it and install it again, or download the correct PAServer directly from http://altd.embarcadero.com/releases/studio/21.0/1/PAServer/2/PAServer21.0.pkg.


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