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Easily Use Nonstandard Data Using X-DBData for Delphi

X-DBData is a VCL and FMX nonvisual component package that helps users bridge between Delphi’s data-aware and non-data-aware components. There are two paradigms within the Delphi IDE. FeatureNon-Data-Aware Edit ComponentsData-Aware Edit ComponentsData ManipulationManual – using .Text, .Caption, .Value propertiesAutomatic field-linking via Field and DataSource propertiesData…
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Quickly And Easily Add MAPI Support Using Winsoft's MAPI for Delphi on Windows

Embarcadero Tech Partner WINSOFT provides an easy to use MAPI suite for Delphi. What makes MAPI hard? MAPI is hard. There is lack of clear and consistent coding, different answers provide different solutions, the solution is not in Delphi, there has to be various work-arounds, or the code-snipplet was built for very old non-Unicode version of Delphi. You eventually tear your hair out or get…
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Easy Access Development Using Winsoft's Adonis

Access (“MS-Access”) is a popular desktop database for Microsoft Windows. It ranks among the top-10 databases on DB-Engines, and widely used in many Fortune-500 companies. Vendors, such as Hallam-ICS and QNE (Malaysia, Philippines) create business applications that use back-end Microsoft Access. Winsoft Adonis is a component library for accessing databases which support the ADO programming…
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