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OmniThreadLibrary is a Delphi multithreading library that greatly simplifies multithreading programming for Windows/VCL users. RAD Studio also has it’s own parallel programming library built in called TTask.

You can get the amazing multithreading OmniThreadLibrary for Delphi from GetIt Package Manager

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What can you achieve with the OmniThreadLibrary:

  • High-level threading
    • Parallel.Async
    • Parallel.Join
    • Parallel.Future
    • Parallel.ForkJoin
    • Parallel.BackgroundWorkder
    • and more!
  • Low-level multithreading
    • Bidirectional communication
    • Message-driven worker
    • Background file scanning
    • Processing Windows messages
    • Building a connection pool
    • and more!
  • OmniThreadInternals
    • Task control interface
    • Lock-free queue/stack
    • Containers
    • Dynamically allocated queue
    • Using RTTI to call task methods

Moreover, be sure to check out the latest workshop from the creator of the OmniThreadLibrary, Primož Gabrijelčič at DelphiCon! In this session, he shows several practical examples of creating high-performance Delphi applications.

Find out more about the OmniThreadLibrary GetIt entry on the web and then install it via the IDE.

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