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Lovingly Crafted Software To Plan And Simulate Virtual Model Railroads Is Built In Delphi


The 3D Train Studio is an easy-to-use application for planning your perfect model railway and it is built in Delphi. With 3D Train Studio, users can construct their own unique, detailed layouts on their PCs with thousands of tracks to choose from. They can create landscapes consisting of mountains and valleys, place houses and trees along streets and roads and construct their own miniature worlds, with realistic 3D graphics and in real time. Users can also board their virtual model trains and simulate complete rail operations, including animated barriers, signals and road vehicles, automatically or by specially defined events. “We never could have developed 3D Train Studio so efficiently and with such an elegant UI way without Delphi,” said Stefan Werner of 3D Train Studio.

On technical side, 3D Train Studio utilizes a lot of different technologies, like a self-written 3D engine capable of rendering thousands of 3D objects in real-time with abstraction of the underlying graphics API (supporting Direct3D 9 and 11), sound processing with the help of the FMOD library, XML-RPC, multi-threading with custom written task manager, custom VCL components for a smooth image viewer, XML processing, multi-language support (currently English and German) and a clean separation of UI, logic and data (MVC).



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