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Manual uninstall of RAD Studio/Delphi/C++Builder 10.4 Sydney

Launch theLicense Managerfrom the bin folder (by default “C:Program Files (x86)EmbarcaderoStudio21.0binLicenseManager.exe”) and delete any trial or beta (Test Field) license that you can find. Check it under “License Details” in the center column. Under your Control Panel’s Program and Features Add/Remove Program uninstall the following entries: RAD Studio…
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DevExpress VCL Subscription v20.2 Beta 1

As you may already know, DevExpress just released the first beta for their next major VCL update – v20.2. The official release is slated for the end of November. If you own an active VCL Subscription, you can download Beta 1 directly from their website. They…

Easily Add Slide Animations To Your Cross Platform Apps With Gesture Support In This FireMonkey Sample

In this post, you will discover two different demo application,the first oneshows you how to add sliding tabs to an application through the use of multiple tabs with custom settings, next and back buttons, and gesture support.The second sampleshows you how to implement a master-detail interface and display the Multiview control as a slide-in drawer, popover menu, docked…
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Boost Productivity With Useful Bookmarks IDE Plugin To Bookmark And Navigate Code In Delphi And C++Builder

Many know how to use BookMark in your code editor using the RAD Studio IDE. You can mark a location in your code with a bookmark and jump directly to it from anywhere in the file. Bookmarks are preserved when you save the file and available when you reopen the file in the Code Editor. These existing IDE Bookmark features can be replaced with a flexible IDE Plugin Bookmarks 1.6.2. This post will…
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Learn To Use Python Objects Inside Your Delphi Source Code With This Windows Sample App

Sometimes we may need to use Python objects like COM automation objects, inside your Delphi source code. Thinking about how to do it? Don’t worry. Python4Delphi has an excellent library unit that does for us. Using this we just create python objects by passing values as a variant that will return the python type as Delphi variant type. Also, the library has extensive helper routines to…
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