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Powerful Quality Assurance Nexus Quality Suite for Delphi on Windows

The Nexus Quality Suite (NQS) is a set of tools that enables you to fine tune your applications to the highest possible performance and quality standards. The current collection of tools include Line, Method and Block level profilers; a memory and resources leek analysis tool; a unit test coverage analyser; a static executable analysis tool; and a GUI script recorder/playback tool. NexusQA…
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C++DelphiTech Partner

High-Performance Secure Data Abstract for Delphi on Windows and iOS

Data Abstract brings powerful and flexible multi-tier database access to Delphi. Abstract your client apps from differences between database types or structure. Enforce business logic and security in the middle tier. On the server tier, you have full control over how data is accessed and modified, making sure that client applications cannot bypass your rules or leave data in an inconsistent…
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DelphiTech Partner

Cross-Platform Automation Projeto ACBr for Delphi on Windows and Android

The ACBr Project, or Commercial Automation Project Brazil, is a set of several Sources, Components and Programs to help in development of Applications for Commercial Automation segment, and distributed under the Open Source. The ACBr Project is managed by Daniel Simões de Almeida, founder of the Project. The ACBr source code and forum are maintained by dozens of developers and moderators…
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C++DelphiInterBaseTech Partner

Easy Powerful InstantObjects for Delphi on Windows

InstantObjects is a suite of Open Source components for Delphi, an Object Persistent Framework (OPF) maintained by Ethea for the design and implementation of modern applications. With InstantObjects, object-oriented programming is pushed to the highest levels, allowing a clear separation of the business logic with the presentation (user interface) and storage (persistence on database) parts.
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