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DevExpress VCL Subscription v20.2 Beta 1

As you may already know, DevExpress just released the first beta for their next major VCL update – v20.2. The official release is slated for the end of November. If you own an active VCL Subscription, you can download Beta 1 directly from their website. They completed work on major functionality and look forward to your feedback so we can finalize our release and address any major…
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C++DelphiInterBaseTech Partner

Flexible Enterprise-Grade TUsers Security Component for VCL on Windows

TUsers Security Component helps Delphi Developers implementing User Authentication and User Permissions Management quickly in their Desktop Applications. Password protect menus, buttons, actions, dbgrids, datasets, fields and virtually any VCL component, even 3rd-party componentes, like DevExpress and JVCL. The built-in and user-friendly Admistration Module gives you powerfull and easy user rigths…
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CodeDelphiTech Partner

Robust and Powerful Pascal Analyzer for Delphi on Windows

Pascal Analyzer, orPALfor short, is a utility program that analyzes, documents, debugs, and helps you optimize your source code. Pascal Analyzer makes a static code analysis. It only needs the source code, unlike other similar tools that perform an analysis of the running program. We think that PAL will help you better understand your code and support you in producing code of…
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C++DelphiIDETech Partner

Flexible Rapid Kitto2 Solution for Delphi on The Web

Kitto2 is a development tool for data-driven web applications. Allows the creation of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) based on a data model that can be mapped to any database. The client part of Kitto2 uses ExtJS to create an entirely AJAX application, allowing you to create standard and advanced data manipulation forms in a short time. Ethea is a small but dynamic software development…
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