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Flexible Rapid Kitto2 Solution for Delphi on The Web

Kitto2 is a development tool for data-driven web applications. Allows the creation of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) based on a data model that can be mapped to any database. The client part of Kitto2 uses ExtJS to create an entirely AJAX application, allowing you to create standard and advanced data manipulation forms in a short time.

Ethea is a small but dynamic software development company, born from the need to create products quickly, keeping production costs as low as possible without sacrificing reliability, completeness and integration within the working reality existing. Ethea designs and supplies both products / applications for companies and high-quality Delphi environment development tools.

Kitto2 is aimed at Delphi developers who need to create web applications without having experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript or having to learn to use a specific library like ExtJS. However, Kitto2 allows you to operate at a low level if necessary. Kitto2 includes a database access layer independent of the type of database, for creating applications that work with any database, and porting applications between different databases. A Kitto2 application is described by a set of simple maintenance YAML files, which have the advantage of maintaining abstract and declarative definitions and allowing future extension. The application rules are established either declaratively or through Javascript code fragments (on the client) or Delphi (on the server).

  • Works with: Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase, RAD Studio (IDE plugin), FireDAC, ExtJS
  • Works on: Web

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