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High-Performance Secure Data Abstract for Delphi on Windows and iOS

Data Abstract provides Delphi with powerful and flexible multi-tier database access. Your client apps should be shielded from differences in database types and structure.

In the middle tier, enforce business logic and security. You have complete control over how data is accessed and modified on the server tier, ensuring that client applications cannot circumvent your rules or leave data in an inconsistent state. And you won’t have to write or maintain a server application yourself.

Data Abstract provides a simple yet flexible API in your client application that makes it simple to request data, modify it, and send it back to the server – immediately or later. All of this without having to deal with HTTP requests, REST, or other low-level implementation details.

RemObjects Software has been creating tools developers love since 2002, striating with Remoting SDK and then Data Abstract for Delphi. RemObjects also creates the popular “Oxygene” Pascal compiler, and tools for developers across a range of platforms.

For over a decade, Data Abstract has helped Delphi developers build powerful database applications. It takes the pain out of data access and lets the developer focus on what matters: their app. Thru the use of a powerful concept called Schemas, Data Abstract can abstract (pun intended) away the differences between database types, or layout. It avoids locking the application code in to database-specific or driver-specific code, making it easy to switch database vendors on the fly. (or target different databases at the same time). Powerful query capabilities combines with state of the art server-side security measures complete the picture.

  • Works with: Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase, RAD Studio (IDE plugin), FireMonkey, VCL, FireDAC
  • Works on: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, macOS 64-bit, iOS 64-bit, Android 32-bit, Android 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, Web

RemObjects Software is an

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