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Easy And Powerful JetLua SDK for Delphi on Windows

JetLua™ is a Lua SDK for Delphi to allow easy integration for Lua scripting inside your Delphi application.


  • Made with/supports latest Delphi version
  • Only two minimal interfaces to access feature set (IJetLua & IJetLuaContext)
  • You can auto register class/object JetLua routines
  • If you have created an AutoSetup class function, it’s automatically called during registration where you can do global setup operations
  • You can declare tables in “table.table.table” format
  • You can declare global/table variables and access them
  • You can check the exists of global/table variables and routines
  • You can call global/table functions with a variable number of parameters
  • You can pull and push data from and to the Lua stack via the IJetLuaContext interface
  • You can load source code from a file, string and buffer
  • You can import Lua modules
  • Source is JIT compiled using moonjit
  • You can compile Lua sources (including imported modules) and bind to an EXE for stand-alone distribution
  • You can add version information, an icon, enable runtime-themes and high DPI aware support to EXEs
  • See this blog post for more details

tinyBigGAMES™ LLC is and independent game development studio, in sunny South Florida near Miami, we’re dedicated to bringing Family Friendly, fun, easy-to-use, affordable software of the highest quality to our customers. We develop and publish with a distribution model that will focus on smaller, fun & addictive, downloadable entertainment software for the PC platform and sold direct to you via our website and other electronic distribution means.

Easy, fast and fun to add Lua scripting to your Delphi applications

  • Works with: Delphi
  • Works on: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit

tinyBigGAMES LLC is an

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