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Easily Customize The Syntax Editor Coloring In Delphi With The Third Party Delphi IDE Theme Editor

The Delphi IDE Theme Editor lets you customize the syntax highlighting editor within the Delphi IDE. Additionally, full source code is available for it as well. Delphi has this functionality built in but if you want more custom settings to get in there and really tweak the editor to be just how you like it take a look. Set and edit IDE color settings from scratch or import existing themes from another IDE like Visual Studio or Eclipse Themes. Access various manual parameters for adjustment. Full source code is available for the Delphi IDE Theme Editor.

dite 2

The Delphi IDE Theme Editor (DITE) can customize the IDE color highlighting of your Delphi (RAD Studio)

dite animated 6656638

In the next screenshot you can see how the Delphi IDE Theme Editor can be used to customize the syntax highlighting of the editor window.

dite 4120747

Check out more information about the Delphi IDE Theme Editor over on GitHub.


Looking for the installer? Please check the link below:


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