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Discover The Popular Alcinoe Library Of Visual And Non-Visual Components For Delphi

The article on Github is really detailed. So don’t waste time to check all of the Alcinoe features! According to Github, the library provides: Full opengl video player for FireMonkey;WebRTC Delphi wrapper;Firemonkey native iOS/Android TEdit and TMemo;Fast/double-buffered FireMonkey controls with native draw;Improved FireMonkey controls;Firebase cloud messaging;Android/iOS…
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All You Need To Know About The Open Source AsmProfiler 32-Bit Profiler Written In Delphi And Assembly

AsmProfiler is a full tracing 32bit profiler (instrumenting and sampling), written in Delphi and some assembly. AsmProfiler stands for “assembly profiler” because the heart of the profiler is written in assembly. According to the author of the project: “There are some (good) profilers available, but these are: Too expensive, and I want that every programmer can use a…
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Easily Manage Database Event Notifications In Windows Delphi Apps

When it comes to database applications, you start processing lots of data and events. So, to handle these events properly we can use TFDEventAlerter class to handle thedatabase event notifications. The general behavior of the events is DBMS-specific and TFDEventAlerter provides a unified way of handling them. To learn how to utilize this class, we can explore theFireDAC…
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