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Interesting HFS (HTTP File Server) Delphi VCL Project Lets You Easily Send And Receive Files

The HFS is different from classic file sharing because it uses web technology. It also differs from classic web servers because it’s very easy to use and runs “right out-of-the box”. The virtual file system will allow you to easily share even one single file. The project is built in Delphi and full source code is available on GitHub. Dev notes “Initially developed in…
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Easily Add Joystick Support To VCL Apps In Delphi 10.4 And C++Builder 10.4 On Windows

It is surprisingly easy to add joystick support to your VCL app on Windows. Here is a third party component by WINSOFT for Delphi and C++ Builder for retrieving joystick position and status for any keys. You can use wired or wireless joystick for your application like games, audio/video players and other application. I have tested this delphi component on a recent Windows 10. All functionality…
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PasDoc Is An Amazing Documentation Tool For Object Pascal Source Code

Note the following information has been made available by the author of PasDoc regarding the tool. Documentation is generated from comments found in the source code or from external files. Many formatting @-tags are supported. Many output formats are supported, including HTML and LaTeX. Usage SeeWhereToPlaceComments,WritingDocumentationandSupportedTagsfor…
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C++ Builder 10.4.x Platform APIs

C++ Builder provides three levels of development: ⦁ Components (VCL and FMX) ⦁ Common Libraries (RTL). ⦁ Platform APIs (iOS, Android, Mac OS) In this post we will discuss and show how to use the Platform APIs (iOS, Android, Mac OS). Specifically, we’ll look at how to use the iOS APIs to obtain Apple iOS device information for the Operating System (OS) version, the OS name and the iOS…
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