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All You Need To Know About The Open Source AsmProfiler 32-Bit Profiler Written In Delphi And Assembly

AsmProfiler is a full tracing 32bit profiler (instrumenting and sampling), written in Delphi and some assembly. AsmProfiler stands for “assembly profiler” because the heart of the profiler is written in assembly. According to the author of the project: “There are some (good) profilers available, but these are: Too expensive, and I want that every programmer can use a…
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Safer, faster, and more stable way for Internet users to experience the web!

Do you need a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web?​ Before the RAD Studio, Delphi and/or C++ Builder 10.4 release we used an older classic TWebBrowser component that was dependent on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The current 10.4 release introduces a new TEdgeBrowser component. ​The new TEdgeBrowser component in 10.4 uses Microsoft’s…
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Easily Implement Robust Binary Large Object (BLOB) Streaming With FireDAC In Delphi

TheBlobssample shows you how to create a BLOB stream for reading and/or writing the value of a specificBLOB fieldon a specific record. To this end, the sample uses theCreateBlobStreammethod ofTFDQueryto create a read-only BLOB stream. In this sample, the BLOB stream is used to read the picture contained on eachBLOB fieldof each record of…
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Turbo Charge Your Delphi Windows App Development With The TurboPack Essentials VCL Controls

TurboPack Essentials offers 13 different easy-to-use VCL controls to use in your Delphi and C++ Builder Windows Applications. It’s fast and easy to install using the GetIt Package Manager! You can find out more about TurboPack Essentials on the web. Step 1. Open the GetIt Package Manager: Step 2. Enter “Essentials” in the search box: Step 3. Press the install button, GetIT…
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