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10 Tips For Using A C++ Compiler To Build Windows Apps

When you develop an app for the Windows operating system there are a few tips that can help smooth things along. Using the best C++ compiler Windows developers have available is obviously step one, but there are a lot more very easy steps you can take to make life a lot easier. We cover a few of our favorites here. 1. Download the latest C++ Builder 11 or RAD Studio 11 edition C++…
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DelphiCon 2023 - Every App Trick In The Book

February is always a busy time for us at Embarcadero as we celebrate the birthday of our favorite programming language and IDE software! Today’s post accompanies the first of my four planned sessions for DelphiCon 2023. The slides and images to go with it can be found here: https://github.com/checkdigits/Every_app_trick_in_the_book_-_Ian_Barker and they are also included at the end of…
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5 Modern Features Of C++ Programming

Hello C++ programmers. Today we have new modern C++ examples that can be compiled by any C++ Code Editor and compiler. If you want to dive deep into C++ programming, then the LearnCPlusPlus website is the right place for you. We keep adding more features of modern C++ and…
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Mark Your Calendar! Upcoming Events in February

February is a big month for Delphi and Embarcadero. Delphi was first introduced to the world on Valentine’s day 28 years ago, and has evolved with the times with every passing year since then. We always have good cause to celebrate every February, but this year we’ve got a triple whammy plus a surprise in the works. Read on to find out what you can expect in February. Delphi’s 28th…
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How To Win When You Have 34 Milliseconds To Beat Snoops And Spies

Today’s Enterprise Article competition entry is from Georgi T. Gerasimov from Gatelink Ltd in Bulgaria. Georgi sent us a remarkably detailed paper where he describes the challenges of being asked for Windows app development that would securely protect digital data when one of the constraints was that it had to do the encryption work in under 34 milliseconds. You know it’s going to be a…
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