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RAD Studio 10.4 Patches

We have released three patches for RAD Studio 10.4. They can be found in the GetIt Package Manager in the IDE or on the IDE Welcome Page and can also separately be downloaded through the new download portal or CodeCentral. The patches are designed to be installed in sequence, on top of an existing 10.4 installation. RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 1: Missing Files and C++ DebuggingFor more details…
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Windows 10 and New Key UX Principles for RAD Studio Developers

I recently did a webinar on Windows 10 and New Key UX Principles for RAD Studio developers. You can find the replay here.The webinar covered the following: Windows 10 Landscape Key RAD Studio Windows 10 Features Overview Windows 10 VCL Controls Overview Built-in and Custom Themes Demos RAD Studio provides extensive Windows 10 Support.With RAD Studio 10.3.2, you can…
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Starting Delphi Or C++ Builder Results In Product Or License Validation Error

“Q. I’ve installed and registered C++ Builder or Delphi, yet when it starts I am brought to a web page with the error “Product or License Validation Error”. How can I fix this? By far the most common cause for this error is having files or applications not provided by Embarcadero that are copied into the bin folder below where RAD Studio is installed. Only files provided by…
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