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Enterprise Ready Localization Tool For Delphi VCL And FireMonkey

Soluling is a new kind of localization tool that contains all the features you need to localize your projects. With the Soluling, you can localize your VCL and FireMonkey applications. Moreover, Soluling accepts Web project types, mobile projects, resource formats, document formats, databases, and more. When you need to localize something, you regularly have a primary file. Typically…
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Quickly Learn How To Debug And Monitor Your FireDAC Connection In Delphi

TheMoniLayerClientssample shows you how to use the FireDACtracing and monitoringcapabilities to show how an application is communicating with a FireDAC monitor client. To this end, the sample uses two different FireDAC monitor clients: FlatFile-client and Remote-client. To use both monitor clients, the sample uses two client link components: the TFDMoniFlatFileClientLink…
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Free Source Code: RAD Server Field Services Industry REST API Template Solution For Your Business

You can rapidly build and deploy services-based applications withRAD Server. And you get pre-built Docker images for RAD Server on Linux available from Docker Hub. This means you can deploy your services on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or on-premise. There are severalindustry templatesbuilt with RAD Server and RAD Studio. One of the templates is the Field Service project…
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Easily Improve Your Productivity With The Delphi Dev Shell Tools Windows Shell Extension

This Windows Shell Extension contains really useful tasks for Object Pascal developers. It creates right click options in Windows Explorer that really help you work with your Delphi projects to their fullest and save massive amounts of time. Go through the features and images below and get to know it. The Dev-Shell-Tools has many settings and functions, which are described below, how they…
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