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Why Update Subscription Matters, And Why March is a Great Time to Renew Your Licenses!

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RAD Studio gets better and better with every release. With a big developer team adding new capabilities, fixing bugs and addressing literally hundreds of customer requests daily, each version update of RAD Studio represents a leap forward not just for the IDE and toolset, but for your business as well.

Assuming, of course, you’re on update subscription.

A Landmark Release

RAD Studio 11 Alexandria in particular has been a landmark release. Here’s what RAD Studio 11 users are enjoying since its release and subsequent updates:

  • Support for 4k high-dpi screens
  • Support for Windows 11 and all the latest target platform versions
  • VCL Styles visibility at design-time
  • Support for Apple’s M-Series Silicon chips
  • Enhanced support for remote collaboration

What About 11.3?

RAD Studio 11.3 is a quality-focused release that brings the IDE up to par with the latest target platform updates – iOS 16 (for Delphi only), Android 13, and macOS Ventura, all released after RAD Studio 11.2, as well as Ubuntu 22 LTS and Windows Server 2022.

RAD Studio 11.3 also introduces cool new features like a new Mobile Biometric Authentication component for FireMonkey mobile applications. It also introduces toolchain improvements like moving all non-Windows platform debuggers across Delphi and C++ to the LLDB architecture.

Another very powerful new feature is the ToolsAPI for the Code Editor. This new feature enhances IDE stability with third-party plugins, as hacks are no longer required, and encourages the use of more third-party addons, greatly extending the flexibility of the RAD Studio IDE.

There’s a lot more in the RAD Studio 11.3 Alexandria release to see. The “See What’s New in RAD Studio 11.3 Alexandria – Webinar Replay” video on the Embarcadero Youtube channel is a great way to find out more about what’s in the brand new release.

And in case you’re still on a pre-11 version of RAD Studio, here’s a complete list of what you could be benefiting from with a fully updated license and toolset.

You can also learn more about the benefits of update subscription on this page.

If that’s not a good enough reason to return to update subscription, here are several additional reasons:

Why it Pays to Stay on Update Subscription

Software development is evolving at breakneck speed. New platform versions, new user requirements, new threats and new markets are popping up almost every day.

Here at Embarcadero we’re aware that all of our customers want to be fully updated and consistently on update subscription, but circumstances sometimes get in the way.

That’s why we’ve put together a unique combination of special offers to create an opportunity for customers who value update subscription to catch up. More on that below. But first, let’s look at the often-underestimated benefits of staying on update subscription, and the risks of failing to do so.

Access to The Latest Features, Fixes and Upgrades

Every new RAD Studio release comes with literally hundreds of bug fixes reported by users, along with new features either selected by the dev team or requested by customers.

Every new release offers improved performance, greater capability, enhanced security, and superior quality.

Technical Support and Maintenance

With a fully up-to-date license, you have full access to the Embarcadero support team. Technical support and troubleshooting assistance ensure any issues you or your team encounter are resolved quickly, minimizing downtime and productivity loss.

Highly Cost-Effective

The cost of renewing a software license is often much lower than purchasing a new license, and that is also true of the Embarcadero toolset.

Special Offers For You

Getting back on update subscription after missing out on license renewals is a challenge, and we here at Embarcadero understand that.

We also know that failing to renew licenses in a timely manner can create security risks for your software, and force limitations on your current business offerings such as available target platform versions.

This is why we’ve taken the opportunity on the occasion of Delphi’s recent 28th anniversary and the new RAD Studio 11.3 Alexandria release to put together an excellent and highly advantageous combination of offers – discounts PLUS extended maintenance to help get back on track and stay on it.

Our Special Offers For March – Discounts and Extended Maintenance

For starters, our special offers for the month of March include big discounts – 28% OFF on Architect, 20% OFF on Enterprise, and 15% OFF on the Professional editions of RAD Studio 11.3, Delphi 11.3 and C++Builder 11.3!

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Two Extra Years of Maintenance!

We’ve also got a very special offer – 36 months instead of 12 on maintenance. From now until 31 March 2023, each Embarcadero license comes with triple the standard duration of your access to our full support, updates, and bug fixes for the price of one license term. 

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For two entire extra years (36 months instead of 12), you can enjoy enjoy full access to all the benefits of update subscription: 

  • All updates and hotfixes for current releases
  • All major upgrades
  • World-class support for troubleshooting, problem diagnosis, and resolution
  • Exclusive bonus features, add-ons, and technical content
  • Peace of mind

Maintenance means you’re investing in the security, modernity and quality of your software. 

This is a spectacular opportunity to return to full maintenance with all the benefits for your business, including the low cost of license renewal.

We’re ready to help you return to update subscription at highly favorable terms. If you need advice or have questions, get in touch with our Sales Team to learn more.

If you’re ready to buy, visit this page.

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