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Powerful Windows Digital Signal Processing Library for Delphi by Winsoft

Introduction The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) library supports Windows 32 and Windows 64 platforms. It uses General Purpose FFFT package. For instructions on how to install this library in your RAD Studio watch the video below. 2. Demonstrating the Components and What they Do The DSP Demo is very simple. An OnPaint event of the main form is fired when the project is…
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Powerful Open Source RESTRequest4Delphi Makes REST Easy In Delphi

REST is one of the main models that has been described by Roy Fielding, one of the principal creators of the HTTP protocol, in his Ph.D. thesis and adopted as the model to be used in the evolution of the HTTP protocol architecture. The Embarcadero REST Library isaccessiblefor all platforms, supported by Delphi. RESTRequest4Delphi is a wrapper around the built in components. The…
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Learn How Easy It Is To Use OAuth2.0 With The Rest Client Components For C++ Builder

Authentication becomes critical part of any business, that too developing applications using OAuth2.0 protocol is still challenging to some C++Builder developers using Restful APIs as most modern IoT applications mandates. Don’t worry, this post will simpilify your challenge and understand better. Assume an end user(Resource Owner) has an account in google(Resource Server) and has…
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