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The Next Big Thing In Low Code Mobile App Development Platforms

The Next Big Thing In Low Code Mobile App Development Platforms

In today’s modern world, where billions of people use mobile devices, organizations need to have a solid mobile app strategy. In fact, mobile has now become the leading platform for customer engagement. When it comes to mobile app development, most developers these days use low code mobile app development platforms. This is because low code app development platforms simplify the app development process. Simply put, low-code app builder software makes development quick and easy for beginners with little or no knowledge of coding as well as experts.

If you’re looking for the best low code cross-platform app builder, RAD Studio is what you need. In addition to low code, RAD studio also offers other useful features and development tools.

In this article, we’ll show you the next big thing for the best low code platform, which is RAD Studio. We’ll also discuss some of the other key features of RAD Studio.

Why do we need low code mobile app development platforms?

Low code platforms are becoming an essential part of modern app development. This is because these tools make it super easy and quick to develop custom apps, even for beginners and non-developers. Hence, these tools allow businesses to focus more on complex issues. You can use low code platforms for the development of any software application.

Low-code development apps usually have a drag-and-drop interface. This way, you can quickly drag an icon onto the screen. And the best part is that the icon will work exactly as it would in the real world. This means these tools help people/citizen developers make impactful apps out of micro-service or blocks provided by engineers. This, however, doesn’t mean that professional developers don’t use these tools. In fact, according to one Gartner survey, around 66% of users of low code platforms are expert developers.

What are the key benefits of low code mobile app development platforms?

Here are the key benefits of low code development platforms:

Quicker time to market: Using a low code mobile app development platform allows businesses to introduce their products to market faster. This is because the GUI makes it quick for non-developers to create an application without the need to learn coding.

Collaboration: Efficient low code multiple platform app development platforms come with collaboration features. This allows you to work together with your team members on an app.

Better Quality and Less maintenance: Developers/engineers usually conduct lots of tests to improve software quality. With low code development platforms, you can conduct tests at any time using automated testing tools. This also minimizes maintenance costs and time.

Cost-effective: Low code app development platforms reduce costs. For example, when you’re using these tools, you don’t need additional developers or designers because even non-developers can use them.

Why Is RAD Studio the best low code mobile app development platform?

While there are many low-code tools available in the market, not every tool is the same. One of the key points you should consider while choosing a low code platform is the control of the apps it provides. This is because many low-code platforms don’t give developers access to source code. And even if some tools do give you source code, you never get the full source code. Additionally, they require you to pay a fee every month to keep your app functional.

This is where you need a low code platform like RAD Studio that gives you control of your apps. In fact, it allows you to control every aspect of your app. With RAD Studio, you can make efficient apps five times faster. And you can extend the functionality of the application with your custom code.

We’ve discussed some of the key features of RAD Studio next.

Does RAD studio support android and iOS for mobile app development?

The Next Big Thing In Low Code Mobile App Development Platforms

When it comes to mobile app development, Android and iOS dominate the market. Hence, it’s essential to choose a low code platform that supports both android app builder software and native iOS app builder. RAD Studio is one such platform. The best thing about RAD Studio is that it offers a single codebase for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS. This allows the efficient low code platform to provide speed and flexibility so that you can build truly native applications.

If you want to know about creating native Android and iOS apps in detail, check out this article.

How does RAD Studio help with low code app development?

The purpose of the RAD Studio low-code development platform is to allow you to create fully-functional custom apps so fast that you’re always ahead of the competition. That’s why it comes with the FireMonkey Low-Code Wizard that enables you to build efficient Delphi mobile applications with multiple screens.   FireMonkey is a cross-platform development framework that allows you to create responsive UIs. This means the mobile apps you build with RAD Studio are compiled and highly optimized for every platform. Additionally, you can modify these apps quickly and easily. Simply put, the low-code wizard creates functional apps that you can extend as per your needs.

The low-code wizard allows you to choose from different application screens such as:

  • User accounts (sign in, sign up, etc.,)
  • Settings screen (you can choose from light and dark themes)
  • Terms of use
  • Privacy policy
  • About
  • Data
  • Contacts

Can I link RAD Studio to different databases and data sources?

RAD Studio’s FireDAC allows connectivity (local or remote) to more than 15 traditional databases (both SQL and NoSQL.) FireDAC is a multi-device data access library that has a powerful universal architecture. Additionally, Embarcadero’s CData Enterprise Connectors enable direct access to over 180 enterprise systems through standard SQL. These include Microsoft teams, Facebook, Jira, Slack, Salesforce, Twitter, Amazon Marketplace, and more.

What are the other key features of the RAD studio low code mobile app development platforms?

In addition to low code, RAD Studio also offers many other useful tools and features for faster and better coding and app development.

Some of the main features of RAD Studio include:

  • High DPI support for windows and desktop
  • Robust VCL framework for creating responsive and beautiful UIs
  • Full support for 4k+ monitors
  • Smart code navigation
  • Auto code completion
  • C++ Builder and code formatter
  • Highly-optimized cross-platform libraries for improving code quality
  • Easy to use
  • Highly secure

Ready to use the best low code mobile app development platform? Head over to RAD Studio and try its exciting features today!

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