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The Big Problem With Windows Software Makers, And How You Can Fix It

The Big Problem With Windows Software Makers And How You Can Fix It

There are dozens of Windows software makers; the powerful tools and programming languages used to create Windows GUI applications. Most of them require you to write thousands of lines of code to do even the most basic tasks, such as drawing UI elements. Yes, several of them have their own RAD (rapid application development) tool, but when you compare Windows App Development Tools like Embarcadero’s RAD Studio to other GUI development tools, it is immediately clear why RAD Studio is a superior RAD development tool.

Read on, compare and decide why Rad Studio is the best because of its capability to Build Apps 5x Faster With One Codebase for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux platforms.

Why should you choose RAD Studio’s Delphi & C++ Builder?

Since I started my Windows software-making experience with C++ Builder and Delphi, I believe that most Windows app developers are making problems for themselves by choosing the wrong software development ecosystem. 

When the Delphi with its Visual Component Library was introduced to software developers, it showed an accurate, productive tool to create Windows applications. For over 27 years now Delphi is still one of the leading, most productive ecosystems for Windows development. With its intuitive visual design environment and the unrivaled performance of a world-class optimizing native code compiler, you can achieve the best results in no time.  

The Big Problem With Windows Software Makers And How You Can Fix It A screen shot of the IDE

Moreover, the FireMonkey cross-platform framework is also one of the gems in the cross-platform development industry. Why? Because the architecture of the FireMonkey framework provides native development for most major platforms. For instance, you can create Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS applications from a single code base. It is straightforward to access device-specific and operating-system-specific features with APIs.

The Big Problem With Windows Software Makers And How You Can Fix It A RAD Studio illustrative graphic

Can RAD Studio 11 really build apps 5x faster than other methods?

The RAD Studio 11 release supports High-DPI and 4k+ screens, provisioning for Windows 11, Android 30 API, and the macOS 64-bit ARM M1 processor. RAD Studio 11 – Alexandria is the latest version of the RAD Studio and provides developers with many more functionalities. 

To learn more about why you should choose the RAD Studio for your next project, check out this article that analyzes:

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  • Is it hard to deploy a Windows app to the Microsoft Store?
  • Do I need to use Microsoft tools to develop Windows apps?

Did you know how easy it is to design beautiful desktop and mobile app UIs with RAD Studio?

rad 11 visuals set 20 9521754

RAD Studio’s award-winning VCL and FMX frameworks are the best options in the GUI app development market. With hundreds of visual and non-visual components (packages of ready-made functionality and code) available to Delphi and C++ programmers alike, you can create complex and responsive applications in no time. RAD Studio IDE gives you a great environment to prototype and build applications. 

Here, in the article linked below, we show you how to create great Windows apps in 2022.

  • Difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11 app development
  • How to improve Windows apps
  • How to use AI in your Windows apps
  • How to modernize UI and UX with futuristic styles
  • How to update data access pipeline
  • How to use WinUI 3

Are Delphi programs really stable?

As Ian Barker, MVP, puts it, “Delphi’s biggest problem is that it is just SO GOOD at being silently successful.” Delphi programs are extremely stable – they run, in some cases for many years, without needing to be restarted coupled with an unparalleled ease of distribution – often just needing to be copied to a PC or downloaded – and the fact they don’t need any operating system dependencies means even an older Delphi program written for something like Windows XP will still work absolutely normally in today’s vastly different Windows 11 operating system with no changes at all. I guarantee this is not the case with any .Net, Visual Basic, or similar programs from that era. Even Python apps and similar scripting technologies such as PowerShell will fail.

Applications built with Delphi VCL can produce some of the best quality applications; since the VCL adapts to and uses Windows native libraries to build Windows apps, you won’t have any problem with any Windows operating system version. Moreover, you can feel the native direct ‘on the metal’ performance in your applications unlike most hybrid applications which lack directly connecting to the hardware because they need to go through several layers of abstraction and emulation of a standardized virtual runtime machine. Delphi VCL apps interact directly with the underlying operating system and the machine it controls.

When somebody asks me where to start Windows desktop development, I recommend Delphi with VCL. Because Delphi VCL really is the best route to start Windows 10/11 app development at this current time in my opinion. Delphi VCL has 27+ years of history without any problems when it comes to:

  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Backward compatibility
  • Modern features

Check out this article to learn more about why you should care about Windows development and the Delphi VCL ecosystem for your next Windows desktop project!

Delphi is really easy to learn and use

Delphi’s syntax makes your life easier. The clean and readable language persists in making the code more understandable. Pascal was originally designed as a computer language to teach students how to write programs. Delphi’s language is Object Pascal, a natural evolution of that solid, easy to understand base brought absolutely up to date, embracing new ideas and evolutions in software development to keep it absolutely modern and competitive in the current day. Delphi can produce any kind of application you can imagine and can target any computing device your users have to hand whether it be Windows, macOS, iOS, Android or Linux. Yet it does all that with a programming language syntax which is clear even for those starting out in the world of software development.

The Big Problem With Windows Software Makers And How You Can Fix It An example of some Delphi program code

Do you want to read more in-depth on why Delphi is so easy to use and yet so powerful?

Here you can find what books you should read to master Delphi VCL and FMX development with some very compelling examples showcasing what it can do for you.

Be sure to check out the latest version of Delphi right now!

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