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Learn How To Use FireDAC To Work With A Firebird Database In Delphi

TheFirebirdgetting started sample shows how to use FireDAC with Firebird databases. This sample allows the user to do: Temporaryconnection definitionat run time.Master-details relationship between datasets usingTFDQuery.Transactions handling withTFDTransaction.Management of Firebird database such as: managing users, creating database backup/restoring database…
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Learn About Quickly Building REST Applications Using The Powerful RAD Server In Delphi/C++ Builder

Over a period of years lot of Web Architectural styles were introduced like, Pipe and filter, Uniform Pipe Filter and some hierarchical styles like client server, Client server stateless, cache, etc. But each style has equal strength and limitations which leads to a modern, scalable, stateless architectural style called REST which is widely adopted. The Word REST is the Abbreviation of the…
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Newcomer's Perspective - FireDAC and SQLite

FireDAC is Embarcadero’s library for universal data access – connection to just about any database protocol you can find. It abstracts the protocol-level details and presents a common interface so developers can build their applications to be database agnostic and flexible in the event of future design changes. My work this week focused on FireDAC and local databases. SQLite is…
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