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The Next Big Thing In Analytics And Reporting Tools

The world is becoming increasingly data-driven. Without data, businesses cannot succeed and expand. They may have a stream of data coming from different sources, but it is useless without analytics and reporting tools. Data is a critical asset for businesses as it helps them make informed business decisions. Plus, data usage drives the success of a business. Which depends on analytics…
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How To Use Amazon Polly To Easily Convert Text To Speech In Cross Platform Apps

Sometimes it’s best to say things out loud. Other times reading some text, or the contents of a message are either difficult or might even be impossible if, for example, you or your user have visual impairments. You certainly can’t be silent if you’re narrating a movie. Whatever your purpose, if you need a way to generate speech from text, the latest Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi supports…
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A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Mobile Cross Platform Apps

These days, many app developers are looking into building their mobile apps to cater to multiple platforms. It is essential to create an app that will be able to operate on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and so on. Creating cross platform apps can be a very challenging process, especially for mobile devices, but it can bring many advantages. Despite the challenges, picking the…
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5 Reasons We Are Addicted To App Builder Software

Apps make the most part of our lives and their usage is only going to increase. No wonder app downloads increased worldwide by more than 63 percent to 230 billion in 2021. There are countless uses of apps found in our daily lives. With apps, individuals can measure daily…
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Which Is The Best C++ IDE For A Newbie?

Born in 1985, the C++ programming language is still very popular and widely used today. C++ programmers are in demand across almost all fields and niches of software development, from business and consumer apps to databases and operating systems. Being a relatively simple but powerful programming language, and thanks to high demand for C++ programmers, C++ has always been quite popular among…
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