DelphiIDETech Partner

New Powerful ProDelphi and ProDelphi64 for Delphi on Windows

ProDelphi measures the runtime of applications. It shows where the time is spent. The developer has a lot of experience in optimization of Delphi, DBase and assembler programs, also in optimizing real time operating systems for process control. A few minutes after installation the first bottleneck in the measured application is discovered. ProDelphi is an eyeopener. It has helpful…
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C++DelphiIDETech Partner

Native and Powerful EurekaLog Tooling for RAD Studio on Windows

EurekaLog is an exception tracer tool for RAD Studio (Delphi and C++ Builder). It allows you to catch every crash (exception), hang, and leak, directly on the end-user PC (without need to install/use the debugger or IDE). It creates a detailed bug report, including human-readable call stack (with names and line numbers), along with the application and system’s info. Bug reports can be…
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