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Powerful High-Performance TwineCompile Speeds Up Compile Times in C++Builder on Windows

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TwineCompile is one solution to your slow C++ compile times. Integrating directly into the C++Builder IDE, it drastically reduces the compile/make/build times by employing techniques such as multi-threading, file caching and automatic background compiling.

JomiTech is committed to providing developers with tools that increase productivity, giving you the leading edge in your enterprise. Specifically, our passion is to pinpoint places where we can streamline or speed up the development process. Our solutions deliver results faster so that valuable man-hours accomplish goals.

The biggest issue that all C++ teams face is the abysmal compilation times inherent to all C++ tool chains. There are a number of common approaches that these teams take to attempt to reduce the overhead of the compilation process, including smaller projects, dynamic links, pre-compiled headers or primitive parallel builds. None of these solutions really solve the problem and at best, mitigate it to a small degree. TwineCompile uses innovative solutions to solve these problems from a completely different angle without requiring significant codebase modifications or fragile build processes. These solutions include multi-process load balanced compile processes, active memory caching of frequently accessed files and automatic pre-emptive background compile processes. The result – rapid code turnaround time with near-zero average compile times.

  • Works with: C++Builder
  • Works on: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit

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