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Rapidly Consume Powerful REST Services With Almost No Code In C++Builder On Windows

We continuously hear that consuming REST services with the RAD tools have always been swift. For instance, in this video, you can see how you can call any REST endpoint and fetch the data easily with the REST Debugger tool. 

With the REST Debugger tool, you can get the data and validate the correctness of it, and then you can copy the required components using the Copy Components button. This action will help you to finalize your call to the endpoint.

Overview of this tutorial:

  • Obtaining a GZIP compressed JSON response
  • Parsing
  • Placing it into a memory table
  • Binding to a grid component
  • Displaying the result

After observing this tutorial, you always get your desired data in seconds. Moreover, the best part is, this is compatible with the VCL and FireMonkey on Windows (and iOS) in C++Builder. Even more platforms in Delphi.

Be sure to check out the REST Debugger tool:

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